The 4th Data Cube Conference


The 4th Data Cube Conference

22 July 2017, The Halls Bangkok, By Data Cube

‘From data analytics research to real application’

(TextMining, DeepLearning, Robot, BigDataAnalytics, RetialAnalytics, FinancialAnalytics)

Consolidated by Dr.Suthee Phowboonmee and Dr.Naparat Prueksuralai, Department of Innovative Mass Communication, School of Communication Arts, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

อบรม datacube

อบรม datacube2

  1. Research on Thai Language Processing and Text Mining Application ดูวิดีโอได้ที่
  2. Learning about Learning-Lessons Learned about Human vs Machine Learn ——–
  3. Modern Retail Analytics ดูวิดีโอได้ที่
  4. Visualising for the Real Impact ดูวิดีโอได้ที่ และ
  5. Big Data and Robotics ——–
  6. Data-driven Business Decision in Financial Sector ——–
  7. How Social Media Close the Consumer Research Gaps ดูวิดีโอได้ที่
  8. Deep Learning and Its Applications —–
  9. Location-based Sales Forecast for Superstores ดูวิดีโอได้ที่
  10. Self-service Business Analytic ดูวิดีโอได้ที่



ขอบคุณค่ะ ^^


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